Top Things To Consider When Starting Your Personal Business

Business Owner

Starting your own business can be a pretty daunting task. From having to find office space, obtaining licenses, employment, training and much more. But these a side, most importantly you require a business plan. Consider what course you are interested in getting the business to go? What profit are you expecting to take one, five, or ten years from now? These are important questions to ask yourself, but since you are still in the early stages of your business, you also need to closely consider these two things.

  1. What area are you going to be in?

Let’s take IT for example. It is an incredibly ruthless industry, with millions of businesses, both large and small, competing for a space in the industry. It is much more demanding for a beginning as you must prove yourself against these competitors and show out amongst the crowds. So beforehand you must first find your specialty. What kind of goods or services will you focus in? Exactly what do you offer that the competitors do not have? Do not simply go with the flow or popular market, instead be unique and offer something truly precious to your prospective customers. Ideally it is something they are searching for that your opponents simply cannot or have yet to offer them. This way, your business will stick out over the rabble.

Competing in the current market
Competing within the market


  1. How much are you going to invest?

Obviously, as a business, you need capital to turn your business ideas into more than just an idea or pitch, but a reality. Should you not consider your investment options then weeks down the line, your business will surely fail. It is hugely important to learn how much cash your business wants to both start and preserve, and what wriggle room you have within this. Making unrealistic investment goals is a big no-no for new business. Know where to get the investment cash- If you have not got large amounts of cash flow then you should locate some business acquaintances and inquire for an investment. Otherwise, you could take out a loan from a sound financial organization or a trustworthy finance group. A new and popular alternative is to attempt crowdfunding.

Planning for investment
Making an investment

All in all what is key when starting Your Personal Business is to ensure you have a detailed and thorough business plan. Guarantee all avenues have been explored and that you are making realistic goals, with sector and investment tactics.

The 3 Pillars of Google Rankings; SEO Marketing

Search. Engine. Optimization

If you are new to the world of SEO Marketing, you will appreciate just how soon you came to know that Google is the boss-man of the web. Google decides the ranking of your web domain, but there is a fine formula of which our boss-man is looking for. This is to prove your site is trust worthy and will offer a fantastic user performance. This can be achieved by using; The 3 Pillars of Google Rankings.

1. Content

Google absolutely loves content, however, Google is looking for relevant and unique content. You can achieve this by setting up a blog page to your website and create monthly articles which outshine your competitors.

a type writer
Get writing

2. Key Words and Key Phrases

Google is looking for the relevance in your website to what people are searching. Using Google Analytics you can find Key Words and phrases that people are using to search for products and services which relate to yours. After finding the most applicable Key Words and Phrases you need to add them to your Meta Description on your website. Your Key Words must also be added to the content on your site in such a way that people would naturally read. Meaning you can’t type the Key Word over and over, it must be added into relative context. Here is a video for a detailed tutorial below.

3. Back-links

Back-links are a very effective way to show Google that your web domain is trust worthy. This works by having other web domains link your URL to a piece of relative content on their website. This shows Google that people are mentioning your web domain’s name and thus, you must have something to offer. This will result in ranking higher on Google rankings. You can go even further and have web domains link to domains which are already linking to you!


Ultimately, this is a fantastic learning process and you should be prepared to make a few mistakes along the way. However, if you always keep these 3 pillars in mind, you will always be on the right path for higher Google rankings.


Why Marketing Companies Should Use Business Communications Training


The Marketing world can be a complex environment, full with new trending technical demands that are very difficult to keep up with. Businesses will often full short due to an array of missing link within their work-team. One massive missing link is communication. With so many different tasks to be dealt with, communication can often full apart, leaving everyone confused, apprehensive and achieving little of their maximum potential. This is why Marketing Companies should seriously consider Communications Training and here is how it can benefit you.

Increasing Productivity

Communication training can give you the capacity to arrange meetings and keep them constructive, it will help you find solutions and enable your team members to know what they are doing, as well as exactly how to do it. This is the result of clarity, meaning there aren’t any “if, buts or maybes”, everyone is able to get cracking with absolute certainty. Ineffective communication skills will leave your team slightly apprehensive and uncertain of their requirement, this does not scream productivity. Constructive and effective communication is the only way to combat such a problem.


Effective communication training increases motivation because it is quite simply the glue between action and achievements. There is no way a business can fail to act effectively if specific agendas have been communicated effectively. This means you are far more likely to achieve working goals and the more you achieve the more motivated your team becomes. If, of course, you communicate you gratitude appropriately also. However, with so much success, how could you not!?

Your Team Will Care for the Future of Your Business

Good communication skills is a lot more than being productive and constructing working strategies, it is also massively involved with the way you engage with your team members. It can be agonisingly difficult to not be frustrated by the responsibility of you team’s performances every so often. However, adapting  the way you express these concerns, to relinquish negative backlash is key. Understanding the views of your employees and expressing your concerns from their perspective will make the working agenda about being a team. Your staff will look to you as a leader, a compassionate manager who cares and if you care for them, they will care for you and the future of your company.

There are many ways to learn how to adopt better communication skills in the work environment, by far the most effective way is to turn to Clearfocus – Workplace Mental Health and Communications Training. Experts such is these, can show you how to reform the missing link within your company and have you succeeding the unimaginable. Communication clearly goes a long way!



Save Your Money With PAYE Tax Refunds

Thousands of Freelancers in the world of  online marketing are grasping the opportunity to travel and work. When abroad and saving for further travels, it can make personal budgets progressively tight. But, we often forget about an unexpected savvier; Tax refunds! This is why so many freelancers travel to the UK, because they are able to save for their next adventure through the faculty of PAYE Tax Refunds and the beauty of it is, it feels nothing like the growling task of saving!


Lets see who is or isn’t eligible for PAYE Tax Refunds;

  • You are a non-UK national
  • You have left the UK
  • You were short-term employed in the UK
  • You incurred work-related expenses
  • You didn’t work a full tax year
  • You were made redundant
  • You were on an emergency tax code

Why This is Great News!

Simply put, if you are paying 20% tax on your pay packets, then come the end of the tax year a every penny payed over your tax cap will be rightfully yours. Some make up to £2000 back in PAYE Tax Refunds. This is fantastic news if you are the travelling kind because whilst the stress of saving for your next destination, we can often lose out on the moments we have now. This is a sure way to know at the very least your pennies are being saved, which will give you that little extra to enjoy today instead of being worried about your budget for tomorrow.

Naturally, you will need to apply for a British bank account and this can be used for your new British clients.  Other than the obvious (you would not be illegible otherwise), you will also not have to take the hit on exchange rates which ultimately is a financial pain!

Many Freelancers seek the services of companies like to ensure that they receive what they are owed and jet set off to the next destination!


Why We Should Be Marketing Waste Management

Sometimes the honest achievements are more rewarding than personal ones. Marketing experts have the ability to help fix the world’s problems by pressing forward the generalised world’s issues by raising awareness online. One outlandish and yet, none the less realistic example I will explore, when expressing the power of effective marketing, is how we could easily be the face of resolving our waste management issues.

How so?

Google is the great boss man(which is not news to people like us) and Google decides the ways in which online marketing is optimized, if we abide by Google’s guidelines, we soon bring any brand or message forward to the public’s eye through the Web. There is no reason why we cannot do this with the rising concerns amongst the human population and make our agenda public.

Let’s take at some information around  SA

Estimated decomposition rates of most debris found are:

Foamed plastic cups: 50 years

Plastic beverage holder: 400 years

Disposable diapers: 450 year

Plastic bottle: 450 years

Fishing line: 600 years.

Glass bottle 1 million years

Aluminium can: 80-200 years


What will the rates be in 100 years, or even 20. If we had the desire to bring this dilemma into the public’s eye, we would be able to dutifully back the services of privately-owned waste management companies like Averda who would in turn be able to expand the services to ensure waste management really does contribute to the health of our planet.

Now, I only use this as an example, there is a massive problem in the world, well in fact there are many, and for them to be solved humans must act as a community, there is no greater community than that of the online community. Imagine what marketing could achieve when endeavouring to bring the world’s problems to the public, who intern can help support the effective methods of fixing them.

It is important to think big when getting into online marketing, you really are the driving force behind successful businesses and campaigns.




Is Mindfulness Now a Marketing Trend?

There is a new age of spiritual seekers and rather than travelling to mountain tops and hiding away from societies noise, individuals are starting to practice mindfulness meditation in everything they do. The benefits of this, which is suggested by Mental Health Training Specialists Clearfocus, is that its effects are immediately felt, and the more it is practiced the more areas in an individual’s life becomes stress-free. Businesses now recognise the effects on their staff, enabling them to operate at a higher level with a greater sense of well-being and as a result, the more mindfulness the more success for everyone.

Less Stress, More Done

Humans have been unknowingly using stress as a means to perform and achieve tasks, this is because we have a habitual tenancy to imagine a catastrophic consequence if we are not able to complete our duties. Naturally, the fear of consequences is a great motive to ensure our work is completed however, results show we spend far too much time thinking and worrying, rather than simply doing. Furthermore, our fears are also likely to be phoney and therefore such relentless stress is likely to make individuals sick and unable to perform. Because of this realisation, it is far more effective to have a mentally healthy mindful worker than it is to have a stressed, worried and run down work. Everyone becomes a winner. This, therefore, is little surprise that it is now heavily marketed to all sizes of business.

We Love the Healthy Image

Now, more than ever, our society absolutely relishes the idea of being healthy and with mindfulness being backed by science to have a vast number of benefits, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. But again, there is nothing wrong with everyone jumping on as everyone will actually benefit from its results. Moreover, mindfulness is linked to physical activities and other industries such as yoga and even MMA, this allows marketing experts to cross over the brand of mindfulness to most areas in an individual’s life and as a result, nearly everyone now knows what it is and athletes of all kinds are even starting to use it.

In conclusion, Mental Health Training Companies such as Clearfocus will no doubt benefit from the expertise but in doing so they will be benefiting each and every single environment that they step into with their expertise. And if that is not highly marketable, then what is!!? 


Conference Bags- The Solution to your Business Problems

Every business owner has to face lot of problems in order to survive in the market. Intense competition makes it necessary that one must sell his products and services at very competitive prices. In addition to this, using various marketing tools to promote your brand also becomes essential. All these factors effect the revenue generation of a business. As a business owner, you must adopt an effective and economical marketing tool that solves your business problems and helps you to make huge profits too. There are various means to enjoy better market for your products. Advertising your products through television, radio or newspapers, can be really useful for you. But if you are a small or mid size business owner, you must choose an economical yet effective method to advertise.

Giving promotional gifts at exhibitions, events and corporate meetings is one of the best ways to improve your business income. Distributing business gifts not only impresses people but also ensures that the recipients will remember your brand afterwards. So, if you want to advertise in a cost effective manner, then it is best to use business gifts. There are hundreds of items that could be used as promotional gifts such as watches, bags, key rings, clothing, caps, folders, pens, mouse mats, recycled products, desk top items, umbrellas and so on. The list is endless. You can choose any item as a promotional gift that suits your business needs and is also liked by the recipients.

If you want to improve your business income, use conference bags to create awareness about your brand or give your message to people, then it is a good idea to give away promotional bags to the recipients. Promotional conference bags can be given at trade meetings, exhibitions, business events and road shows. Conference bags serve as good business gifts because of their utility. Also, conference bags are generally retained for months by users and therefore assure that they will remember you brand for a longer duration.

You can also use customized promotional conference bags. You can get the brand name, company logo, or some eye-catching slogan printed on the conference bag. The choice of the conference bag also depends on the amount of money you can spend for marketing your brand. Whatever fabric or design you choose for your conference bag, ensure that it has a good quality. If the quality of the promotional product is bad, it leads to bad reputation about your brand in the market.