3 Massive Reasons Your Marketing Company Needs Cyber Security

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It seems that currently, every second news report is covering the needs for Cyber Security or the downfall of those who do not have it. This is an online world now and a massive portion of most businesses are carried out digitally and if that chunk of our business is compromised, there may be irreversible consequences.

Here Are 3 Massive Reasons Your Marketing Company Needs Cyber Security


  1. Cyber Crime Is Not Just a Hindrance

    Most business owners believe that backing up their data is enough to hide from the threat of Cyber crime but they extremely mistaken. Those conduction cyber crimes are not particularly interested in giving you a peeve to deal with, they are interested in taking personal information for their own benefit. They steal personal identity information, rob bank accounts, file fraudulent tax returns. This is not what you want to be introduced with on a Monday morning!

    Police Tape
  2. You Could Be Waving Goodbye To Your Business – Get The Right Insurance!

    Needless to say, your clients and business partners will have trusted you with their information and if it has been leaked or stolen – You are the one who is accountable! Of course, if the cyber thieves were caught they would also have an iron fist to deal with but you will also have you fair share of wrath to face.

    Cyber Security Services are able to implement Privacy Policies which will protect you from the brunt of any attack and its effects. Naturally, small businesses hate forking out for things that interrupt the flow of their existing budget but then, one might argue, what if there wasn’t even a business to even have a budget flow whatsoever. Weighing up these options should not in any case take very long.

  3. Cyber Criminals Are Always Trying To Be Ahead Of The Curve

    Hackers stole a total of £130bn from consumers in the UK in 2017. A ridiculous figure of 17 millions brits were victims of cyber crime last year. It is actually hard to conceptualise as it is so gigantic. To be “Frank”, what this figure means is, if you have not yet been affected by by cyber crime then get ahead of the curve yourself with cyber security because what is absolute, cyber criminals will at some point target your business.

    Screen with hacker codes
    Hackers Codes

So What Can You Do To Protect Yourself

Well the most obvious and most effective is, turn to the professionals. Companies such as PGI provide Cyber Security Services that not only protect you from that which has been mentioned above, but also from the most complex corners of cyber crime. Professionals such as PGI will often carry out Penetration Testing which will give you a conclusive answer on the vulnerability of your web domain and online data.

Because of the increase in cyber crime there is more and more demand for cyber security and perhaps by default, less and less business owners are adopting the overview that it “won’t happen to me”, so please make a diligent effort to make sure it DOES NOT!

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