Marketing Tips for Property Development and Interior Design

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Property Development and Interior Design is very much a craft where you are only limited by 2 things – your own imagination and the gold in your bank. The success of property development and interior design however, is very much related to how you market your efforts and who you are marketing to. So here are some top marketing tips for property development and interior design.

Marketing Tips for Property Development and Interior Design

It’s Not About You
This is by far the hardest one to remember and potentially it is likely the most important. What you want is to sell a house you have designed but you will only achieve the selling part if it is designed for the viewers. Indeed you taste may match there’s but regardless it is not about your taste; it is always about what they will want. This will actually give you the chance to expand your skill set so in the long run, keeping mindful of this is extremely beneficial!

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Keep in Mind, You’ll Still Want a Niche
Take this Interior Designer for Example, Lisa Bradburn who does Interior Design in Sussex focuses her niche around country style homes. She expands the boundaries of what is acceptable within this niche which in turn, attracts progressive thinking people. This is a perfect example!

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Know Your Market
Knowing your Market is about familiarizing yourself with where the home is, the attractions which are nearby and understanding what kind of individual will be looking in this area. For example, if it was a home near the sea you might consider complementing this natural attribute – the individual by very well be active and have enough finances to enjoy the lifestyle which comes hand in hand with the area.

Make Influencer Marketing Part of Your Advertising Strategy


Last year advertisers and PR firms are reported to have spent more than US$ 1 billion on advertising strategy campaigns geared towards influencer marketing through the Instagram platform.

Such spending is just an indicator of how serious companies are about this form of advertising. Even leading financial gurus at Forbes have endorsed influencer marketing as the ‘most effective’ strategy in marketing in this day and age. However, with all the noise surrounding influencer marketing, there is just as much misconception attached to it as well.

So why should companies look to influencer marketing to support brands? What makes it so effective? We’ve gathered the details in a nutshell here…

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What is influencer marketing?
On the surface, there is more to influencer marketing than Kim Kardashian posting selfies alongside some new detox cleansers. An important point to understand about influencers is that they can emerge from any field and from any background. However, the thread that runs through all these influencers is that they are key  ‘social media figureheads’. This means that there is a ready-made audience, and the influencer already has a following of like-minded people who come together with shared interests and passions. These followers are the audience for one’s brand and the channel to this readymade audience is the influencer. In simpler terms, the influencers, be it sporting heroes or pop culture figures, help to give a product or brand a human voice. It is the authenticity of this relationship between influencer and audience that will benefit the brand in question.

How effective is it?
The age of television and radio advertising is on the decline and brands have now shifted their focus to web-based and social media platforms. However, the disadvantage that many firms faced is that advertisements on the web tended to be very cluttered and congested. So much so that viewers have now become desensitized to the content. Influencer marketing has opened a doorway to reach audiences directly and in a unique manner. This style of marketing has enabled firms to engage with their target audience in ways that are not intrusive and less invasive.

Influencer Trends
As many industries continue in their experimentation of influencer marketing as a strategy, the industry will no doubt continue to change and evolve likewise. However, before you set out to draw up your own influencer marketing campaigns, you should be aware of the current trends in 2018 – a few of which we’ve picked out here:

Video Marketing

It goes without saying that these days that video marketing is huge and makes up for more than three quarters of all internet traffic. Video is more immediate and is  the more popular choice among influencers on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. So the next time you collaborate, make sure to ask your influencer for video content.

Budgets will increase

Once your influencer campaign goes mainstream, other brands will automatically want to tag along. This eventually means that other brands will want to be attached to more influencers, leading to increased cost and stretched budgets. Be prepared in advance and have cut off limits if you really need to.


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bigger budget for marketing

Influencer agencies

If you are starting out, then going with an influencer marketing agency might be your best bet. The agency will have all the stats you need to hand making the research aspect a lot less stressful and more accurate. In addition, the agency will help connect you with the best influencer to suit the brand you are working with.

Influencer marketing jobs

Countries like Australia have stepped up when it comes to the world of influencer marketing with major brands and niche sole trader businesses all taking part. The beauty of influencer marketing is that it doesn’t have to carried out by people on instagram with thousands of followers, your clients can be your influencers and their friends and friends of friends. But who’s the brains behind the campaign? Marketing and IT jobs in Australia are growing at an insane rate which is why visa assessments for Australia is at an all time high. Seeking employment in agencies can be a daunting prospect but there are websites out there offering free visa assessments for Australia which will put you in touch with a migration agent who can inform you if you are eligible to work in Australia. Australia has some of the top creative agencies in the world and a ton of big brands who are all investing into new and unique marketing opportunities and influencers are right at the top.

It is no surprise with such a high demand in marketing and the IT background that one needs to be successful that such roles can take you around the world and even spear head your career to the top.

If you are looking for something new and considering relocating with your expertise; Check Out O.E Visas On Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Today!


2018 is slowly coming to a close, which means businesses are already looking closely at marketing strategies which are likely to catch fire in 2019.  There are plenty of great ways through which you can reach and engage with a modern audience, and here are just a few of them.

Here are 3 Fantastic Digital Marketing Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Organic, Engaging Content

The days of keyword stuffing are far behind us!  There’s continued investment into consistent and original content.  This means that, if you’re aiming to keep up with the competition, you are going to need to regularly engage with your audience in fresh and exciting ways.  Now is the time to look at bigger brands to see what’s sticking with their fans, followers and customers.  You’re going to need content to keep visitors on-page for as long as possible.

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Manage Your Metrics

Love statistics?  You’re in luck.  Current digital marketing trends revolve around metrics.  Advertising and reach management programs such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics will help you to see where you’re engaging the most with your visitors.  Why go for trial-and-error when there’s so much assistance available to you?  Take time to find free and affordable tools that can help you understand your audience and what they want and need from you.

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Focusing on Mobile Users

Google is promoting and supporting mobile-friendly web pages more than ever before.  If your SEO strategy and web design fail to be responsive enough for phones and tablets to access, you’re going to be falling far behind the competition.  Mobile browsing continues to grow year on year, and all businesses big and small should be focusing on appealing to portable customers from now on.  Make your mobile presentation a priority, and your visitors and customers will thank you for it!


The simple fact of the matter is, Google is always changing and evolving and as marketing experts we must involve with it. However, these 3 fantastic marketing strategies you can’t afford to ignore can be expected to stick around for quite some time. Make the most of them!

3 Massive Reasons Your Marketing Company Needs Cyber Security

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It seems that currently, every second news report is covering the needs for Cyber Security or the downfall of those who do not have it. This is an online world now and a massive portion of most businesses are carried out digitally and if that chunk of our business is compromised, there may be irreversible consequences.

Here Are 3 Massive Reasons Your Marketing Company Needs Cyber Security


  1. Cyber Crime Is Not Just a Hindrance

    Most business owners believe that backing up their data is enough to hide from the threat of Cyber crime but they extremely mistaken. Those conduction cyber crimes are not particularly interested in giving you a peeve to deal with, they are interested in taking personal information for their own benefit. They steal personal identity information, rob bank accounts, file fraudulent tax returns. This is not what you want to be introduced with on a Monday morning!

    Police Tape
  2. You Could Be Waving Goodbye To Your Business – Get The Right Insurance!

    Needless to say, your clients and business partners will have trusted you with their information and if it has been leaked or stolen – You are the one who is accountable! Of course, if the cyber thieves were caught they would also have an iron fist to deal with but you will also have you fair share of wrath to face.

    Cyber Security Services are able to implement Privacy Policies which will protect you from the brunt of any attack and its effects. Naturally, small businesses hate forking out for things that interrupt the flow of their existing budget but then, one might argue, what if there wasn’t even a business to even have a budget flow whatsoever. Weighing up these options should not in any case take very long.

  3. Cyber Criminals Are Always Trying To Be Ahead Of The Curve

    Hackers stole a total of £130bn from consumers in the UK in 2017. A ridiculous figure of 17 millions brits were victims of cyber crime last year. It is actually hard to conceptualise as it is so gigantic. To be “Frank”, what this figure means is, if you have not yet been affected by by cyber crime then get ahead of the curve yourself with cyber security because what is absolute, cyber criminals will at some point target your business.

    Screen with hacker codes
    Hackers Codes

So What Can You Do To Protect Yourself

Well the most obvious and most effective is, turn to the professionals. Companies such as PGI provide Cyber Security Services that not only protect you from that which has been mentioned above, but also from the most complex corners of cyber crime. Professionals such as PGI will often carry out Penetration Testing which will give you a conclusive answer on the vulnerability of your web domain and online data.

Because of the increase in cyber crime there is more and more demand for cyber security and perhaps by default, less and less business owners are adopting the overview that it “won’t happen to me”, so please make a diligent effort to make sure it DOES NOT!

Check Out PGI on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin For More Information On Their Services.


Word Of Mouth– And Why It’s Still Great

People Chatting

Word of mouth marketing – Were you aware that this is one of the most operational forms of increasing awareness of your brand or company? It is suggested that it is still better than social media. Your existing customers hold the power to draw in new customers, by raising awareness of your brilliant services, simply through the art of chit chat. Yes, businesses should always continue to try new ideas and marketing strategies, but that doesn’t mean you should stop the use of the fantastic traditional approaches.

Why It’s Great

WOMM dates back for thousands of years, being used by companies since the word go. This type of marketing is so brilliant simply because people don’t clock onto the fact its marketing – Chatting to a friend about your fabulous weekend away at that new spa, or that brilliant brand of footwear you just bought – It’s all up-selling a brands product! A new customer is more likely to have faith in a fellow consumer than a staff member representing the brand. Trip Advisor is a great example, how often do you check previous customer’s reviews, before heading to a cafe. Non-customers trust views of customers that have already tried and tested the product.

Ladies Talking
Group Of Ladies Talking

What You Can Do

Ask For Reviews

Get it in writing – If you have a frequent customer that continues to rave about your product and company, then ask them for their feedback and a review. You can then post this on your website and social media platforms, giving likely customers a fabulous first-hand testimonial for your business.

The Product

Word-of-mouth marketing will be unsuccessful if your company isn’t offering a good product. You should little to none success and certainly no return business with this marketing method if what you are promoting is not worthy of good feedback, you cannot beg customers to promote your business when they are receiving a poor experience.

Positive Feedback
A good review

This real and unassuming method of word of mouth marketing should not be one that is ignored. Reputation is key, and having a good one is vital for your business to succeed.

Search Engine Marketing – And Why It’s Necessary

SEO Marketing Apps

One very important aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is having a website that is easy for both users and search engine machines to work. Although search engines are becoming more and more updated and advance, they still do not see a website in the same way that you and I can. SEO aids the engines, helping them to understand what every web page is about, and why it may be useful for its users.

A Google Homepage
Google On Computer

Making your content visible to search engines

Without SEO, a website can be imperceptible to search engines. Let’s use an example, imagine you uploaded a picture of your family kitten. A person may define it as “a grey, small-sized kitten, looks one month old, playing on the sofa.” On the other hand, the most advanced and sophisticated search engine would fight to comprehend the photo at anywhere close that level of understanding.

So how do you make a search engine understand your image? Here is where SEO comes into play, SEO allows webmasters to create information that the search engines can use to understand content. This step of adding sufficient structure to your content is fundamental to SEO.By learning the skills and limits of search engines you will then be able to properly create and annotate your webpages content so that search engines can understand.


The Limits of Search Engine Technology

All main search engines such as ‘Google’ will operate on the same key points. Automated search engine robots search the web, follow new links, images and content in multiple gigantic databases. However, modern search technology is not super human, and therefore yes, it does have its limitations. There are number of search engine technology limitations, including, understanding and following poor link structure, filling in forms, and many others. These points if not corrected on your website can cause momentous issues in search engine rankings.

Making sure your content gets traffic

These small technical details of creating a search engine friendly website will benefit your website hugely, but once these are complete you must then market your content. Alone, the search engines do not have the formulations to understand the value of content on the web so instead of this, they look at its significance and how relevant it is. They measure this by following what people do, what they search, how they react, what they comment, and what they link to. Therefore, building a webpage with amazing content is fantastic, but you must also ensure that content is shared and talked about and promoted.

Searching Through Lettering With Magnifying lass
Magnifying Lettering

Top Things To Consider When Starting Your Personal Business

Business Owner

Starting your own business can be a pretty daunting task. From having to find office space, obtaining licenses, employment, training and much more. But these a side, most importantly you require a business plan. Consider what course you are interested in getting the business to go? What profit are you expecting to take one, five, or ten years from now? These are important questions to ask yourself, but since you are still in the early stages of your business, you also need to closely consider these two things.

  1. What area are you going to be in?

Let’s take IT for example. It is an incredibly ruthless industry, with millions of businesses, both large and small, competing for a space in the industry. It is much more demanding for a beginning as you must prove yourself against these competitors and show out amongst the crowds. So beforehand you must first find your specialty. What kind of goods or services will you focus in? Exactly what do you offer that the competitors do not have? Do not simply go with the flow or popular market, instead be unique and offer something truly precious to your prospective customers. Ideally it is something they are searching for that your opponents simply cannot or have yet to offer them. This way, your business will stick out over the rabble.

Competing in the current market
Competing within the market


  1. How much are you going to invest?

Obviously, as a business, you need capital to turn your business ideas into more than just an idea or pitch, but a reality. Should you not consider your investment options then weeks down the line, your business will surely fail. It is hugely important to learn how much cash your business wants to both start and preserve, and what wriggle room you have within this. Making unrealistic investment goals is a big no-no for new business. Know where to get the investment cash- If you have not got large amounts of cash flow then you should locate some business acquaintances and inquire for an investment. Otherwise, you could take out a loan from a sound financial organization or a trustworthy finance group. A new and popular alternative is to attempt crowdfunding.

Planning for investment
Making an investment

All in all what is key when starting Your Personal Business is to ensure you have a detailed and thorough business plan. Guarantee all avenues have been explored and that you are making realistic goals, with sector and investment tactics.

The 3 Pillars of Google Rankings; SEO Marketing

Search. Engine. Optimization

If you are new to the world of SEO Marketing, you will appreciate just how soon you came to know that Google is the boss-man of the web. Google decides the ranking of your web domain, but there is a fine formula of which our boss-man is looking for. This is to prove your site is trust worthy and will offer a fantastic user performance. This can be achieved by using; The 3 Pillars of Google Rankings.

1. Content

Google absolutely loves content, however, Google is looking for relevant and unique content. You can achieve this by setting up a blog page to your website and create monthly articles which outshine your competitors.

a type writer
Get writing

2. Key Words and Key Phrases

Google is looking for the relevance in your website to what people are searching. Using Google Analytics you can find Key Words and phrases that people are using to search for products and services which relate to yours. After finding the most applicable Key Words and Phrases you need to add them to your Meta Description on your website. Your Key Words must also be added to the content on your site in such a way that people would naturally read. Meaning you can’t type the Key Word over and over, it must be added into relative context. Here is a video for a detailed tutorial below.

3. Back-links

Back-links are a very effective way to show Google that your web domain is trust worthy. This works by having other web domains link your URL to a piece of relative content on their website. This shows Google that people are mentioning your web domain’s name and thus, you must have something to offer. This will result in ranking higher on Google rankings. You can go even further and have web domains link to domains which are already linking to you!


Ultimately, this is a fantastic learning process and you should be prepared to make a few mistakes along the way. However, if you always keep these 3 pillars in mind, you will always be on the right path for higher Google rankings.


Why Marketing Companies Should Use Business Communications Training


The Marketing world can be a complex environment, full with new trending technical demands that are very difficult to keep up with. Businesses will often full short due to an array of missing link within their work-team. One massive missing link is communication. With so many different tasks to be dealt with, communication can often full apart, leaving everyone confused, apprehensive and achieving little of their maximum potential. This is why Marketing Companies should seriously consider Communications Training and here is how it can benefit you.

Increasing Productivity

Communication training can give you the capacity to arrange meetings and keep them constructive, it will help you find solutions and enable your team members to know what they are doing, as well as exactly how to do it. This is the result of clarity, meaning there aren’t any “if, buts or maybes”, everyone is able to get cracking with absolute certainty. Ineffective communication skills will leave your team slightly apprehensive and uncertain of their requirement, this does not scream productivity. Constructive and effective communication is the only way to combat such a problem.


Effective communication training increases motivation because it is quite simply the glue between action and achievements. There is no way a business can fail to act effectively if specific agendas have been communicated effectively. This means you are far more likely to achieve working goals and the more you achieve the more motivated your team becomes. If, of course, you communicate you gratitude appropriately also. However, with so much success, how could you not!?

Your Team Will Care for the Future of Your Business

Good communication skills is a lot more than being productive and constructing working strategies, it is also massively involved with the way you engage with your team members. It can be agonisingly difficult to not be frustrated by the responsibility of you team’s performances every so often. However, adapting  the way you express these concerns, to relinquish negative backlash is key. Understanding the views of your employees and expressing your concerns from their perspective will make the working agenda about being a team. Your staff will look to you as a leader, a compassionate manager who cares and if you care for them, they will care for you and the future of your company.

There are many ways to learn how to adopt better communication skills in the work environment, by far the most effective way is to turn to Clearfocus – Workplace Mental Health and Communications Training. Experts such is these, can show you how to reform the missing link within your company and have you succeeding the unimaginable. Communication clearly goes a long way!



Save Your Money With PAYE Tax Refunds

Thousands of Freelancers in the world of  online marketing are grasping the opportunity to travel and work. When abroad and saving for further travels, it can make personal budgets progressively tight. But, we often forget about an unexpected savvier; Tax refunds! This is why so many freelancers travel to the UK, because they are able to save for their next adventure through the faculty of PAYE Tax Refunds and the beauty of it is, it feels nothing like the growling task of saving!


Lets see who is or isn’t eligible for PAYE Tax Refunds;

  • You are a non-UK national
  • You have left the UK
  • You were short-term employed in the UK
  • You incurred work-related expenses
  • You didn’t work a full tax year
  • You were made redundant
  • You were on an emergency tax code

Why This is Great News!

Simply put, if you are paying 20% tax on your pay packets, then come the end of the tax year a every penny payed over your tax cap will be rightfully yours. Some make up to £2000 back in PAYE Tax Refunds. This is fantastic news if you are the travelling kind because whilst the stress of saving for your next destination, we can often lose out on the moments we have now. This is a sure way to know at the very least your pennies are being saved, which will give you that little extra to enjoy today instead of being worried about your budget for tomorrow.

Naturally, you will need to apply for a British bank account and this can be used for your new British clients.  Other than the obvious (you would not be illegible otherwise), you will also not have to take the hit on exchange rates which ultimately is a financial pain!

Many Freelancers seek the services of companies like to ensure that they receive what they are owed and jet set off to the next destination!