Is Mindfulness Now a Marketing Trend?

There is a new age of spiritual seekers and rather than travelling to mountain tops and hiding away from societies noise, individuals are starting to practice mindfulness meditation in everything they do. The benefits of this, which is suggested by Mental Health Training Specialists Clearfocus, is that its effects are immediately felt, and the more it is practiced the more areas in an individual’s life becomes stress-free. Businesses now recognise the effects on their staff, enabling them to operate at a higher level with a greater sense of well-being and as a result, the more mindfulness the more success for everyone.

Less Stress, More Done

Humans have been unknowingly using stress as a means to perform and achieve tasks, this is because we have a habitual tenancy to imagine a catastrophic consequence if we are not able to complete our duties. Naturally, the fear of consequences is a great motive to ensure our work is completed however, results show we spend far too much time thinking and worrying, rather than simply doing. Furthermore, our fears are also likely to be phoney and therefore such relentless stress is likely to make individuals sick and unable to perform. Because of this realisation, it is far more effective to have a mentally healthy mindful worker than it is to have a stressed, worried and run down work. Everyone becomes a winner. This, therefore, is little surprise that it is now heavily marketed to all sizes of business.

We Love the Healthy Image

Now, more than ever, our society absolutely relishes the idea of being healthy and with mindfulness being backed by science to have a vast number of benefits, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. But again, there is nothing wrong with everyone jumping on as everyone will actually benefit from its results. Moreover, mindfulness is linked to physical activities and other industries such as yoga and even MMA, this allows marketing experts to cross over the brand of mindfulness to most areas in an individual’s life and as a result, nearly everyone now knows what it is and athletes of all kinds are even starting to use it.

In conclusion, Mental Health Training Companies such as Clearfocus will no doubt benefit from the expertise but in doing so they will be benefiting each and every single environment that they step into with their expertise. And if that is not highly marketable, then what is!!?


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