Make Influencer Marketing Part of Your Advertising Strategy


Last year advertisers and PR firms are reported to have spent more than US$ 1 billion on advertising strategy campaigns geared towards influencer marketing through the Instagram platform.

Such spending is just an indicator of how serious companies are about this form of advertising. Even leading financial gurus at Forbes have endorsed influencer marketing as the ‘most effective’ strategy in marketing in this day and age. However, with all the noise surrounding influencer marketing, there is just as much misconception attached to it as well.

So why should companies look to influencer marketing to support brands? What makes it so effective? We’ve gathered the details in a nutshell here…

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What is influencer marketing?
On the surface, there is more to influencer marketing than Kim Kardashian posting selfies alongside some new detox cleansers. An important point to understand about influencers is that they can emerge from any field and from any background. However, the thread that runs through all these influencers is that they are key  ‘social media figureheads’. This means that there is a ready-made audience, and the influencer already has a following of like-minded people who come together with shared interests and passions. These followers are the audience for one’s brand and the channel to this readymade audience is the influencer. In simpler terms, the influencers, be it sporting heroes or pop culture figures, help to give a product or brand a human voice. It is the authenticity of this relationship between influencer and audience that will benefit the brand in question.

How effective is it?
The age of television and radio advertising is on the decline and brands have now shifted their focus to web-based and social media platforms. However, the disadvantage that many firms faced is that advertisements on the web tended to be very cluttered and congested. So much so that viewers have now become desensitized to the content. Influencer marketing has opened a doorway to reach audiences directly and in a unique manner. This style of marketing has enabled firms to engage with their target audience in ways that are not intrusive and less invasive.

Influencer Trends
As many industries continue in their experimentation of influencer marketing as a strategy, the industry will no doubt continue to change and evolve likewise. However, before you set out to draw up your own influencer marketing campaigns, you should be aware of the current trends in 2018 – a few of which we’ve picked out here:

Video Marketing

It goes without saying that these days that video marketing is huge and makes up for more than three quarters of all internet traffic. Video is more immediate and is  the more popular choice among influencers on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. So the next time you collaborate, make sure to ask your influencer for video content.

Budgets will increase

Once your influencer campaign goes mainstream, other brands will automatically want to tag along. This eventually means that other brands will want to be attached to more influencers, leading to increased cost and stretched budgets. Be prepared in advance and have cut off limits if you really need to.


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Influencer agencies

If you are starting out, then going with an influencer marketing agency might be your best bet. The agency will have all the stats you need to hand making the research aspect a lot less stressful and more accurate. In addition, the agency will help connect you with the best influencer to suit the brand you are working with.

Influencer marketing jobs

Countries like Australia have stepped up when it comes to the world of influencer marketing with major brands and niche sole trader businesses all taking part. The beauty of influencer marketing is that it doesn’t have to carried out by people on instagram with thousands of followers, your clients can be your influencers and their friends and friends of friends. But who’s the brains behind the campaign? Marketing and IT jobs in Australia are growing at an insane rate which is why visa assessments for Australia is at an all time high. Seeking employment in agencies can be a daunting prospect but there are websites out there offering free visa assessments for Australia which will put you in touch with a migration agent who can inform you if you are eligible to work in Australia. Australia has some of the top creative agencies in the world and a ton of big brands who are all investing into new and unique marketing opportunities and influencers are right at the top.

It is no surprise with such a high demand in marketing and the IT background that one needs to be successful that such roles can take you around the world and even spear head your career to the top.

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