Search Engine Marketing – And Why It’s Necessary

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One very important aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is having a website that is easy for both users and search engine machines to work. Although search engines are becoming more and more updated and advance, they still do not see a website in the same way that you and I can. SEO aids the engines, helping them to understand what every web page is about, and why it may be useful for its users.

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Making your content visible to search engines

Without SEO, a website can be imperceptible to search engines. Let’s use an example, imagine you uploaded a picture of your family kitten. A person may define it as “a grey, small-sized kitten, looks one month old, playing on the sofa.” On the other hand, the most advanced and sophisticated search engine would fight to comprehend the photo at anywhere close that level of understanding.

So how do you make a search engine understand your image? Here is where SEO comes into play, SEO allows webmasters to create information that the search engines can use to understand content. This step of adding sufficient structure to your content is fundamental to SEO.By learning the skills and limits of search engines you will then be able to properly create and annotate your webpages content so that search engines can understand.


The Limits of Search Engine Technology

All main search engines such as ‘Google’ will operate on the same key points. Automated search engine robots search the web, follow new links, images and content in multiple gigantic databases. However, modern search technology is not super human, and therefore yes, it does have its limitations. There are number of search engine technology limitations, including, understanding and following poor link structure, filling in forms, and many others. These points if not corrected on your website can cause momentous issues in search engine rankings.

Making sure your content gets traffic

These small technical details of creating a search engine friendly website will benefit your website hugely, but once these are complete you must then market your content. Alone, the search engines do not have the formulations to understand the value of content on the web so instead of this, they look at its significance and how relevant it is. They measure this by following what people do, what they search, how they react, what they comment, and what they link to. Therefore, building a webpage with amazing content is fantastic, but you must also ensure that content is shared and talked about and promoted.

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