The 3 Pillars of Google Rankings; SEO Marketing

Search. Engine. Optimization

If you are new to the world of SEO Marketing, you will appreciate just how soon you came to know that Google is the boss-man of the web. Google decides the ranking of your web domain, but there is a fine formula of which our boss-man is looking for. This is to prove your site is trust worthy and will offer a fantastic user performance. This can be achieved by using; The 3 Pillars of Google Rankings.

1. Content

Google absolutely loves content, however, Google is looking for relevant and unique content. You can achieve this by setting up a blog page to your website and create monthly articles which outshine your competitors.

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2. Key Words and Key Phrases

Google is looking for the relevance in your website to what people are searching. Using Google Analytics you can find Key Words and phrases that people are using to search for products and services which relate to yours. After finding the most applicable Key Words and Phrases you need to add them to your Meta Description on your website. Your Key Words must also be added to the content on your site in such a way that people would naturally read. Meaning you can’t type the Key Word over and over, it must be added into relative context. Here is a video for a detailed tutorial below.

3. Back-links

Back-links are a very effective way to show Google that your web domain is trust worthy. This works by having other web domains link your URL to a piece of relative content on their website. This shows Google that people are mentioning your web domain’s name and thus, you must have something to offer. This will result in ranking higher on Google rankings. You can go even further and have web domains link to domains which are already linking to you!


Ultimately, this is a fantastic learning process and you should be prepared to make a few mistakes along the way. However, if you always keep these 3 pillars in mind, you will always be on the right path for higher Google rankings.

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