Why We Should Be Marketing Waste Management

Sometimes the honest achievements are more rewarding than personal ones. Marketing experts have the ability to help fix the world’s problems by pressing forward the generalised world’s issues by raising awareness online. One outlandish and yet, none the less realistic example I will explore, when expressing the power of effective marketing, is how we could easily be the face of resolving our waste management issues.

How so?

Google is the great boss man(which is not news to people like us) and Google decides the ways in which online marketing is optimized, if we abide by Google’s guidelines, we soon bring any brand or message forward to the public’s eye through the Web. There is no reason why we cannot do this with the rising concerns amongst the human population and make our agenda public.

Let’s take at some information around  SA

Estimated decomposition rates of most debris found are:

Foamed plastic cups: 50 years

Plastic beverage holder: 400 years

Disposable diapers: 450 year

Plastic bottle: 450 years

Fishing line: 600 years.

Glass bottle 1 million years

Aluminium can: 80-200 years


What will the rates be in 100 years, or even 20. If we had the desire to bring this dilemma into the public’s eye, we would be able to dutifully back the services of privately-owned waste management companies like Averda who would in turn be able to expand the services to ensure waste management really does contribute to the health of our planet.

Now, I only use this as an example, there is a massive problem in the world, well in fact there are many, and for them to be solved humans must act as a community, there is no greater community than that of the online community. Imagine what marketing could achieve when endeavouring to bring the world’s problems to the public, who intern can help support the effective methods of fixing them.

It is important to think big when getting into online marketing, you really are the driving force behind successful businesses and campaigns.



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