Word Of Mouth– And Why It’s Still Great

People Chatting

Word of mouth marketing – Were you aware that this is one of the most operational forms of increasing awareness of your brand or company? It is suggested that it is still better than social media. Your existing customers hold the power to draw in new customers, by raising awareness of your brilliant services, simply through the art of chit chat. Yes, businesses should always continue to try new ideas and marketing strategies, but that doesn’t mean you should stop the use of the fantastic traditional approaches.

Why It’s Great

WOMM dates back for thousands of years, being used by companies since the word go. This type of marketing is so brilliant simply because people don’t clock onto the fact its marketing – Chatting to a friend about your fabulous weekend away at that new spa, or that brilliant brand of footwear you just bought – It’s all up-selling a brands product! A new customer is more likely to have faith in a fellow consumer than a staff member representing the brand. Trip Advisor is a great example, how often do you check previous customer’s reviews, before heading to a cafe. Non-customers trust views of customers that have already tried and tested the product.

Ladies Talking
Group Of Ladies Talking

What You Can Do

Ask For Reviews

Get it in writing – If you have a frequent customer that continues to rave about your product and company, then ask them for their feedback and a review. You can then post this on your website and social media platforms, giving likely customers a fabulous first-hand testimonial for your business.

The Product

Word-of-mouth marketing will be unsuccessful if your company isn’t offering a good product. You should little to none success and certainly no return business with this marketing method if what you are promoting is not worthy of good feedback, you cannot beg customers to promote your business when they are receiving a poor experience.

Positive Feedback
A good review

This real and unassuming method of word of mouth marketing should not be one that is ignored. Reputation is key, and having a good one is vital for your business to succeed.

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